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This new hermit crab is a lovely weirdo — Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog

New green eyed hermit crab
I'm a huge fan of hermit crabs. It's not often that a new one comes along. I doubt this is one I will ever see for sale in the hobby but still it's nice to see new discoveries. Hermit crabs are among the easiest things to keep in a marine tank and are incredibly enjoyable to watch. Of course many of them aren't reef safe so you have to be quite careful which ones you pick. They can be a very usefu...
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Got aggressive hermit crabs? Give them better homes — Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog

Scarlet Reef Hermit
This is an interesting study that certainly mirrors my own observations in the tank. I've keep hermit crabs since I was a small child, including land hermits. The behavior is the same for them. Hermit crabs are a fascinating part of the reef ecosystem that frequently go unnoticed by hobbyists due to their reputation as coral eaters. Certainly there are some hermit species that will munch on corals...
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These Sea Urchins Have a Terrifying Self-Defense Strategy

Some urchins are poisonous to humans as well as fish. Be careful when dealing with the various species as getting stuck can cause a lot of pain and in some cases hospitalization. The urchin in this story is part of a larger group called "collector urchins" because they camouflage themselves by sticking things on their back. The Tuxedo Urchin is an example of this group. This new discovery is quite...
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Have you seen this amphipod in your refugium?

Picture of large clawed amphipod
The below article from Advanced Aquarist mentions that these are not common amphipods. I know I've never seen one in my tank. If I had I would have been quite amazed. Now that I've seen this article I at least know they are out there. If you happen to see one of these running around your sump (I spend time starting at my sump by the way) take a macro shot or video and let me know. I'd be very inte...
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Do you want to keep a pet octopus? There’s something you should know then.

Inky the escaping octopus
The below is an interesting story in itself and fun to read. But I wanted to share it for a particular reason. Octopuses (yes, not octopi) are becoming more and more available in the hobby. It's an animal I've wanted to keep since I was a boy but had to settle for a rubber toy my aunt bought me on a visit to Santa Barbara instead. It's always stuck in my mind. When I got older and really was ab...
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