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Goldfish grow big and live a long time

There are a couple of things that come to mind when I read this. One is the obvious point of not dumping your fish into natural waterways or unnatural ones that connect to natural ones. If the owner of a closed artificial pond gives you permission and the fish can survive in that environment then fine, that's just fishkeeping, but if there's any chance that a fish can end up in rivers, lakes, or o...
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Pacific Blue Tang Success!

First there was the success with the Yellow Tang, an incredible feat, now the Pacific Blue Tang by a different group of conservationists. These kind of breakthroughs will keep the hobby going for years to come. Rising Tide Conservation and the team at the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory are extremely proud to introduce the first ever captive-bred
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Study Confirms what Aquarists Already Knew

Archer Fish
Betta and Puffers are especially adept at this from my own experience but I've had many other fish recognize me. This is a behavior fishkeepers have understood for years but it's nice to have science quantify it for us I suppose. My puffer easily recognizes my face, comes to the glass, and also treats me differently. For example, if I put my finger on the glass, he looks at it, follows it, but...
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Have you seen this amphipod in your refugium?

Picture of large clawed amphipod
The below article from Advanced Aquarist mentions that these are not common amphipods. I know I've never seen one in my tank. If I had I would have been quite amazed. Now that I've seen this article I at least know they are out there. If you happen to see one of these running around your sump (I spend time starting at my sump by the way) take a macro shot or video and let me know. I'd be very inte...
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Is Your Apex Controller Now Obsolete? Neptune Systems Answers

The New Apex Controller
The announcement of a new Apex and the retiring (sort of) of the old system was big news in the hobby but caused some confusion for current Apex owners worried their controllers were now obsolete and unsupported. Neptune Systems, the maker of Apex, to their credit, picked up on the chatter in the hobby and created a FAQ page to clear up some of the misconceptions they created with their announceme...
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