Is Your Apex Controller Now Obsolete? Neptune Systems Answers

The New Apex Controller
The announcement of a new Apex and the retiring (sort of) of the old system was big news in the hobby but caused some confusion for current Apex owners worried their controllers were now obsolete and unsupported. Neptune Systems, the maker of Apex, to their credit, picked up on the chatter in the hobby and created a FAQ page to clear up some of the misconceptions they created with their announceme...
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Nine new goby species

I'm a big fan of goby so a discovery like this excites me enough to share it with you all. The interesting thing is, I may never see these in the hobby, or I may already have seen them. Sometimes unidentified species get caught and sold. Since some of these look very much like known species it's possible we've seen them before. Thanks to advances in submersible technology, recent exploration of m...
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Bulk Reef Supply Announces Free Shipping!

Now here's some great news! BRS (Bulk Reef Supply) is one of (for me THE) best online retailers out there. I've ordered a number of dry good items from them and always been satisfied. From skimmers to rock, GFO to carbon, I've ordered it. But shipping was always an issue. It was free after a certain dollar amount was reached in your order so I would wait until I need a bunch of things to buy from ...
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Do you want to keep a pet octopus? There’s something you should know then.

Inky the escaping octopus
The below is an interesting story in itself and fun to read. But I wanted to share it for a particular reason. Octopuses (yes, not octopi) are becoming more and more available in the hobby. It's an animal I've wanted to keep since I was a boy but had to settle for a rubber toy my aunt bought me on a visit to Santa Barbara instead. It's always stuck in my mind. When I got older and really was ab...
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AquaMaxx introduces 19 aquariums

AquaMaxx low-iron rimless aquarium
I found the below article on Advanced Aquarist this morning and felt it was worth sharing. Rimless aquariums are very attractive and allow hobbyists to fit them in a wide variety of homes, offices, and apartments with any decor. But they are expensive, especially when you throw in the low iron glass (this is very clear glass without the green tint often seen in standard aquariums). The smallest...
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