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Shop Personally Selected Products on Amazon

NOTE: Amazon has changed the way they manage their linked products and they deleted all “stores” like mine. I’m in the process of rebuilding it using their new system.

Products from Amazon.com

I’ve put together an online store with a ton of great stuff to buy. I’ve picked the products myself and I’ve either used or otherwise have first hand experience with them. I haven’t added stuff just to add stuff. And yes, that includes the books in the book section! The products are through Amazon.com so you know it’s from a source you trust and will ship quickly. I hope the store helps you find products that help with your fish and reef keeping. If there is a product you are interested in but isn’t listed here, let me know and I will research it, or if I’ve used it before and recommend it add it. If I don’t recommend it I will let you know my thoughts.