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Coral Fighting and How it Affects Placement and Purchase

Corals Fighting
Corals are vicious animals Many people still don't know that corals are animals, alive and adhering to the Darwinian principle of survival. Since Victorian times, or perhaps even before, many corals were confused for plants. To this day I sometimes have trouble getting guests to comprehend that they are alive. But this fact is vitally important to the aquarist. Corals are downright violent and wi...
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Rapid Hydrogen Peroxide release from the coral Stylophora pistillata during feeding and in response to chemical and physical stimuli : Scientific Reports

Neither I, nor our average aquarist, is really all that interested in the deep science going on in this article. Certainly it is fascinating to ponder and certainly research like this often yields helpful information for us in the hobby. I can't say I know what this finding means for us. One thing it does suggest to my mind concerns water changes. Though the study states that the levels of Hydr...
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