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How Do I Care for a Chocolate Chip Star Fish?

Chocolate Chip Star Fish
Sea stars, commonly known as starfish, are among the most sought after marine aquarium animals. It seems no tank is complete without one.  However, they aren't the easiest of animals to keep alive and healthy.  The chocolate chip starfish is the one species you are likely to have success with, but there are some things you should know about it first. Below we will talk about what to look for when ...
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Echinoderms in Aquaria… by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. – Reefkeeping.com

The below article is one I've referred to many times over the years. It highlights some common misconceptions about sea stars and really explains just why proper acclimation is so important for them. The video is on Asterina which are a common star fish found in aquaria that some people worry about but really shouldn't. The article is from Reefkeeping.com which is a great resource which is why I l...
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