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Zoo Med Has a New Floating Fish Food Clip

When I saw this product debut I thought, "It's about time". How many of us have just used a bit of Styrofoam to do this same thing? I have. But that seems to attract mold and algae to it and also I am always worried that it is leaching some chemical into the water. It's such a simple product that fulfills a need for aquarists.   Personally, I hate clips that suction onto my tank. It's a...
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How To Make a Simple LED Work Lamp from Tested

LED strips
LED lighting is one of the most confusing aspects of setting up a fish tank. Most people at this point want LED lighting rather than older methods. They have proven themselves to grow corals well and have the ability to penetrate the water and get down to the deep areas of a tank. They also produce little heat, draw little electricity, and last for a very long time. They come in mixed colors so th...
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Hang on the Back Overflow: If you Can’t Drill

Hang on Overflow by Popko
When I first decided to set up a marine tank after only having done freshwater I pretty much did things like I had before. It worked pretty well. As I learned more though I came to appreciate the value of a sump. However, I didn't have a drilled tank with an overflow and couldn't afford one. So I hit the forums and found someone local who had a used hang on the back (HOB) overflow for sale. I set ...
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New Aquarium Dividers by Dexter’s

Dexter's Dividers
If you have been in the hobby for any length of time you know that a good tank divider is impossible to find and more than challenging to make do it yourself. Now there is a new product (I have no affiliation with them) that promises to take care of all your divider needs. One of the great uses for these is to make your own sump with them. You can any standard tank and use some of these to create ...
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