That’s Not Legal! Moss and Mystery Snails

For most of the last 10 or so years I have been focusing on reef tanks. There was a time when I had some of both kinds. Eventually, I had an issue keeping them both, so I switched to just reef. Now I am back to just planted. This old photo circa 2013 is from a time when moss balls were still a thing. During that time, they (among other things) became illegal in the hobby. The reason? Muscles hitch...
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Episode 116 – 80 Gallons Down the Drain

Sometimes you just have to break down a tank. It can be sad, but we have to admit to ourselves that it is time. That is what I recently did with my large tank. For each of us the events that lead to this decision vary but the end result is the same, we end up tankless. If you are like me, you won't be tankless for long. I've already started work on a new 28-gallon tank. It will be freshwater pl...
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Macroalgae Reactors – Should I Buy One?

Fuge Macro vs Reactor Macro
I can't remember a time when I didn't keep macro algae. My first marine tank did not have a sump so I grew halimeda which is an attractive algae. Then I got a hang on refugium, and grew macro algae in it. Finally I got a sump and things took off from there. But, growing macro in your sump comes with problems. You have to have a light source for one, but that's minor. The real issue is that bits...
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Episode 113 – miniMACNA – What are your top 3 lessons learned in reefkeeping?

Episode 113 - miniMACNA - What are your top 3 lessons learned in reefkeeping?
I recently attended miniMACNA a reefkeeping online conference. They asked reefers to answer a few questions. I've uploaded my answers here for those of you who weren't able to attend the conference.
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