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Macroalgae Reactors – Should I Buy One?

Fuge Macro vs Reactor Macro
I can't remember a time when I didn't keep macro algae. My first marine tank did not have a sump so I grew halimeda which is an attractive algae. Then I got a hang on refugium, and grew macro algae in it. Finally I got a sump and things took off from there. But, growing macro in your sump comes with problems. You have to have a light source for one, but that's minor. The real issue is that bits...
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Have you seen this amphipod in your refugium?

Picture of large clawed amphipod
The below article from Advanced Aquarist mentions that these are not common amphipods. I know I've never seen one in my tank. If I had I would have been quite amazed. Now that I've seen this article I at least know they are out there. If you happen to see one of these running around your sump (I spend time starting at my sump by the way) take a macro shot or video and let me know. I'd be very inte...
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