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Palytoxin is real and not a hobby myth

Hobbyist who suffered poisoning
When I sold off my 300 gallon tank pending a move to a new house I had this same experience. My son and I helped the purchaser and his friend get all the rock into bins. Just the action of moving the several year old and paly covered rocks was enough to cause the toxin to release. My son, who hadn't even touched the rocks, and I who wore gloves, were also sickened. This was from breathing the toxi...
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Coral Fighting and How it Affects Placement and Purchase

Corals Fighting
Corals are vicious animals Many people still don't know that corals are animals, alive and adhering to the Darwinian principle of survival. Since Victorian times, or perhaps even before, many corals were confused for plants. To this day I sometimes have trouble getting guests to comprehend that they are alive. But this fact is vitally important to the aquarist. Corals are downright violent and wi...
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TheĀ four best corals for beginners

Clownfish in Xenia
Below are listed four very hardy corals, some information about their care, feeding, and behavior. There are other corals that are relatively easy to care for, but really none so easy as these four. They are listed by the names they are most commonly called by. Mushrooms These are soft corals known as corallimorphs and most commonly called mushrooms. For the most part it is difficult to ...
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