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Month: September 2020

Maxi-Jet 1200 Water Pump

When I visited Amazon to get the link there was note at the top of the page indicating "You last purchased this item on July 14, 2013." That doesn't represent the first one of these I have purchased, just the most recent. That's a nice amount of time for a pump to still be pumping I think. That's especially true when it's around $25 to buy. Uses for this pump I used the above mentioned pump ...
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Formula II Flake Food

Formula II Flake
I have used this fish food for years now, about 15 years I think. I can't remember who recommended it to me but I am glad they did and I recommend it to you. Let's learn a little about it so you can decide for yourself if it's right for you. First off, my own experience with this is that every fish I've ever owned (with the exception of mandarins and scooter blenny) will eat this. It is a very ...
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