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Can you use LED bulbs from Home Depot or Lowe’s on your reef tank? Advanced Aquarist Online provides an answer

Advanced Aquarist LED Lamp Test
Articles like this one are what really make Advanced Aquarist Online shine (no pun intended) as a resources for aquarists looking to dig deeper into the hobby and experiment. Though some sites stick "expert" or "advanced" in their title or description AAO really means it. The site really is filled with deeper knowledge that is science based. Though there are occasionally editorials that I disagree...
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Everything Pees and Poos in Your Tank

Photo of a coral reef
"Recent studies suggest that coral reefs, however, are just as dependent on these fish for key nutrients that help coral grow. When fish urinate, they release phosphorus into the water. This phosphorus, along with nitrogen excreted as ammonium through the gills of fish, is crucial to the survival and growth of coral reefs." This study highlights a very important truth in reef keeping. Every...
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Goldfish grow big and live a long time

There are a couple of things that come to mind when I read this. One is the obvious point of not dumping your fish into natural waterways or unnatural ones that connect to natural ones. If the owner of a closed artificial pond gives you permission and the fish can survive in that environment then fine, that's just fishkeeping, but if there's any chance that a fish can end up in rivers, lakes, or o...
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Tank Size – Big Isn’t Always Better

Yoda and Luke
Even my 210 gallon tank required a lot of expense and effort to maintain. Though 10,000 gallons seems, at first, to be a dream tank, it could only be so if accompanied by a dream paycheck as well. Keeping within our means and our time is an important part of keeping a reef tank. I think we can all look at Eli's tank in the video and let our mouths drop open and feel a twinge of the old Green Eyed ...
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