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Episode 116 – 80 Gallons Down the Drain

Sometimes you just have to break down a tank. It can be sad, but we have to admit to ourselves that it is time. That is what I recently did with my large tank. For each of us the events that lead to this decision vary but the end result is the same, we end up tankless.

If you are like me, you won’t be tankless for long. I’ve already started work on a new 28-gallon tank. It will be freshwater planted rather than reef. This is easier. It’s a step back. It’s important not to think of that as failing or giving up. It’s not. This is a hobby, and it is supposed to be fun. We all know there is a lot of work involved, but if that work becomes more than the joy, then something isn’t right. Sometimes, fixing that is as easy as switching gears. I still get to have a tank, but I don’t have the worry that comes with corals, salt, and expensive marine fish. Not to mention the annoyance of salt-creep.

I will start posting about the new tank soon. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I am. That’s really the point.