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Drama in the Hobby/Industry

No drama sign
I mention this only because I have long disdained drama in the hobby. Some may argue that by posting this I am part of the drama. Perhaps you are right. However, I have found over the years that I have been able to help end the drama by pointing out a different, more neutral, perspective.  I suspect that Reef Builders motives are pure but I also think that doesn't really matter. They love the h...
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Do Damsel Fish Deserve Their Bad Reputation?

The Bad The short answer to the question, "Do Damsel Fish Deserve Their Bad Reputation?" is, "yes, yes they do." But the long answer is "well, most do, but certainly not all." That's right, there are species of damsel fish that you can keep without risking life and fin of all your other fish. Damsel fish are aggressive and armed with a strong bite and dental plate that can do some pretty serious ...
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Education on Aquarium Trade

little yellow fish
National Geographic has created a great web site that explains the aquarium trade. How the corals and fish get from the sea to the local store to your fish tank. It's an amazingly long journey. When I buy a new fish, I instantly stress over getting it right home, acclimated, and into the tank. I do this with such great care. I sometimes forget that little fish has journeyed several thousand miles ...
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Breaking News: Indonesia Halts Coral Exports

No Indonesian Corals or Fish
Coral Magazine received a letter from the Indonesian Coral Shell and Ornamental Fish Association (AKKII) in Jakarta which, "...outlines the developing situation in Indonesia and appears to confirm a rumor that exports of both wild and aquacultured corals are being closed indefinitely." Though there are often ecological reasons for doing this it also can come from political pressures. But there ...
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CAUTION: Bloodworm Allergies Can Sneak Up On You

Blood Worms
The below linked article from Reef to Rainforest Media is about something that is not all that common in the hobby but something we hobbyists should look out for. Things live in our tanks that can be dangerous. We recently talked about palytoxin which comes form a type of soft coral that is a great beginner coral. There are also types of bacteria that live in our tank that can be harmful. It's rar...
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