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mini MACNA 2021

Aquarium conferences are a lot of fun and educational. I’m going to attend this mini conference. It’s online but I think we are all used to online meetings by now. Best thing is, it’s only $10 to participate. Hope to see you there!

Visit mini MACNA – MACNA to learn more and register to attend.

mini MACNA

Time (Eastern) Events (Red is Main Event)
12:00pm Welcome Session
12:10pm Speaker 1
1:00pm Workshop
1:25pm Speaker 2
2:15pm Panel Discussion
2:45pm Giveaway
3:15pm MASNA & MACNA Message
3:30pm Speaker 3
4:15pm Q&A
4:50pm End of Main Event
5:00pm Women in Reefing Meet-Up
6:00pm Rainbow Reefers Meet-Up
7:00pm Seahorse & Pipefish Meet-Up
8:00pm Evening Social

mini MACNA is a MASNA managed event, designed to be an immersive single day experience which encompasses key events from a MACNA conference, in a smaller, bite sized interval for all.

After the huge success of MACNA 2020 Phoenix Rising and positive feedback from our sponsors and attendees, MASNA realized the potential of continuing with the online format in the future. mini MACNA will allow MASNA to provide additional recurring outreach to advance marine aquarium education through an ongoing series of informational webinars and meetups to build the community.

Utilizing the Zoom video conferencing solution, MASNA is bringing the Education, Trade, and Community of MACNA to the safety of our homes through mini MACNA.

mini MACNA is a one day event featuring three speakers, one workshop, one panel discussion, three community meet-ups, one giveaway session, and a evening ‘social’.