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mini MACNA 2021

mini MACNA
Aquarium conferences are a lot of fun and educational. I'm going to attend this mini conference. It's online but I think we are all used to online meetings by now. Best thing is, it's only $10 to participate. Hope to see you there! Visit mini MACNA – MACNA to learn more and register to attend. Time (Eastern) Events (Red is Main Event) 12:00pm Welcome Session 12:10pm ...
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Arizona Fish & Reef Aquarium Group Forum

For being in the desert Arizona has a thriving reef and aquarium scene. The main club I have interacted with over the years is AZ FRAG or Arizona Fish & Reef Aquarium Group. A great name for a great group of people. There are meetings, frag swaps, auctions, and a library of books.  You can visit Arizona's reef club online. Arizona Fish & Reef Aquarium Group | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Re...
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