Maxi-Jet 1200 Water Pump

When I visited Amazon to get the link there was note at the top of the page indicating "You last purchased this item on July 14, 2013." That doesn't represent the first one of these I have purchased, just the most recent. That's a nice amount of time for a pump to still be pumping I think. That's especially true when it's around $25 to buy. Uses for this pump I used the above mentioned pump ...
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Formula II Flake Food

Formula II Flake
I have used this fish food for years now, about 15 years I think. I can't remember who recommended it to me but I am glad they did and I recommend it to you. Let's learn a little about it so you can decide for yourself if it's right for you. First off, my own experience with this is that every fish I've ever owned (with the exception of mandarins and scooter blenny) will eat this. It is a very ...
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How To: Do You Need a Skimmer? How do I pick one?

Chad's Skimmer Cup
The short answer to "Do You Need a Skimmer?" is "maybe". It really depends. We will get into that in a moment. I have a love/hate relationship with skimmers. The hate part is pretty easy to explain. They are expensive, need frequent tweaking, frequent cleaning, they take up a lot of room, they are noisy, they smell, and if they aren't working just right do next to nothing. For the cost a skimme...
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How Much Flow Do I Need?

Power Head
This topic is mostly discussed on reef tank forums but it really applies to all aquariums. Just how much flow do you need? Seems simple, but it is not an easy question to answer. More important may be the question "What kind of flow do I need?" There are actually many types of flow. Flow isn't just flow, it isn't just the movement of water. Of the at least 13 types of flow there are two that are...
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Free Coral Guide PDF

Coral Guide Page
The Western Australian Museum has put out a free coral identification guide. There are other such guides out there but I have found most of them don't have photos of good enough quality to really assist in making an identification. This guide is an exception. It won't cover 100% of the corals you might come across but I think it does a pretty good job with the major ones you are going to run into....
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