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Aquarium Acclimation System

I first got this product in 2011. I have used it many times over the years. Originally, I got this product sent to me specifically to review and I did. At the time I did a video on it which is a good way to learn about the product. This product works best with freshwater fish or marine fish in water with salinity levels close to yours. I still own and still use this product for acclimation and for dosing.

There are limitations to the product.

  • The biggest is that it does one bag of fish/corals at a time. It will manage a pretty large bag.
  • The second is that you have to refill the drip cup when it empties so the process can continue.
  • Possibility of getting fish store water in your tank

The benefits of the product

  • Uses the the bag the fish comes in
  • As bag itself is in water temperature acclimation is direct
  • Easy to control flow speed
  • Can double as a dosing device