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AquaMaxx introduces 19 aquariums

I found the below article on Advanced Aquarist this morning and felt it was worth sharing. Rimless aquariums are very attractive and allow hobbyists to fit them in a wide variety of homes, offices, and apartments with any decor. But they are expensive, especially when you throw in the low iron glass (this is very clear glass without the green tint often seen in standard aquariums).

The smallest of the tanks is just 2.6 gallons. This doesn’t just seem really small, it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful tank. Yes, of course betta can be kept in it but so can small shrimp, and even some corals. Of course evaporation will be an issue but it’s still doable. Or this tank could be used for just a few plants in a freshwater set up with no fish. A couple of cherry shrimp would be okay with care. The article states that the cost on these tanks starts at around $39. Though it does not specify it’s likely that is the cost for the aforementioned 2.6 gallon tank. If you’re like me, that’s a bit expensive for such a small thing, low iron glass or not. But if you have more cash than I do these would be great tanks for someone looking to have a really polished look to their tank. For me it’s about what’s inside of it, but I can completely understand how a clean tank like this would serve to focus the eye on the livestock rather than the tank. With rimless it’s almost as if you took a cube or rectangle of water out of nature and put it in your house.

Follow the link below to read the article which goes into greater detail about the sizes and shapes that will be available. I know from experience that AquaMaxx makes a good quality product so if the price doesn’t hurt your feelings these tanks are most definitely worth looking into.

Empty AquaMaxx rimless aquarium

AquaMaxx is launching its new line of low-iron, rimless aquariums ranging from 2.6 gallons to 64.8 gallons in what five different shape categories. Starting at $39.99 USD, the new AquaMaxx aquariums take aim at ADA aquariums at a fraction of their price.

Source: AquaMaxx introduces 19 aquariums