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New Aquarium Dividers by Dexter’s

If you have been in the hobby for any length of time you know that a good tank divider is impossible to find and more than challenging to make do it yourself. Now there is a new product (I have no affiliation with them) that promises to take care of all your divider needs. One of the great uses for these is to make your own sump with them. You can any standard tank and use some of these to create your chambers. They are also great for a hospital tank, acclimation tanks, betta tanks, or plant/coral grow out tanks.

There are solid models for sumps, and models with holes in them for water to pass through. They have silicone around the edges, much like a tank-safe version of the weather striping around your car door that keeps them in tight without warping the tank and prevents even small creatures from passing through. They also come in various sizes to fit your needs.

As I researched them I found one problem – they cost WAY too much for my blood. When I can get super cheap acrylic cut for me at Lowe’s spending around $50 plus shipping for a single one of these is way outside of my price range for such an item. Maybe as they go they will start showing up in chain stores like PetCo for a better price. Until then I want one, but won’t be getting one.

The patent-pending US-made aquarium dividers take aim at flimsy aquarium and fish tank dividers currently on the market. They’re suitable for fre

Source: US-Made Dexter’s Aquarium Dividers Offer Robust Form and Fit