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New Sea dragon Species Found: Ruby Sea Dragon

I always find it amazing when new species are discovered. Not just in the sea but on the land it seems to happen with regularity letting us know just how little we know about our planet.

This isn’t a fish that any of us are likely to own and normally I don’t share news about non-hobby related things. This site is about fish tanks and the things we can keep in them after all. But, sometimes it is important to understand just how vast the ocean is and how much there is about it we don’t know. I share this to foster the desire in fishkeepers to really learn about the fish they decide to put into their tanks. It’s not enough to just buy a fish and stick it in water.

While we certainly refer to what we do as a hobby it really should be written as a “hobby” in quotes because it’s so much more. There are hobbies, then there are hobbies and fishkeeping and reefkeeping are the latter. They are not for the average person, the person who just desires a little diversion on the side. Those things are great. I have other hobbies too, ones that don’t require the level of understanding or effort as fishkeeping does. I still learn and experience new things, which is why I keep going in the hobby.

Years ago keeping an aiptasia pest anemone alive was considered a nearly impossible task. Now we take great pains to kill them. I say you may never keep this sea dragon but the fact is ¬†you might. You might be one of the people who advances the hobby forward to the point where we can keep this and other creatures once thought impossible. And that’s wonderful.