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Zoo Med Has a New Floating Fish Food Clip

When I saw this product debut I thought, “It’s about time”. How many of us have just used a bit of Styrofoam to do this same thing? I have. But that seems to attract mold and algae to it and also I am always worried that it is leaching some chemical into the water. It’s such a simple product that fulfills a need for aquarists.


Personally, I hate clips that suction onto my tank. It’s a minor pain to reload them. Some people will rubber band their algae sheets to a rock. This is great for the fish but also a minor pain. Being able to just grab the float and hook the algae on, that’s a nice idea. It also allows the fish to work its muscles as it goes after the food.

[amazon_link asins=’B07DD24QVM’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’platypusism’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e8245992-69ba-11e8-ac5d-cbf6d4a48116′]

I haven’t used the product yet so I can’t say for sure if this is true but the one thing I worry about is it getting caught in power heads or just being drawn over to the overflow and staying there. I would rather it kind of circulate much the way water lettuce or frogspawn does in a freshwater tank. I will be getting one of these eventually and will test it out and let you all know in a proper review. It’s an intriguing enough of an idea that I do want one and think it fills a need that exists. This will especially be nice for my yellow tang.

The price I was able to find on Amazon was about $13 which seems high to me. I would rather pay half that to make it worth my while because in the end I could still make my own version. If I don’t want to use foam I could find something else that would work. Even a floating key fob, like boat owners often have, would do the job. Also, the clip appears to be metal. I find this an odd choice for something that goes into a marine tank. Salt water eats metal readily. The clip is obviously¬†stainless steel but in my experience when it comes to salt water that doesn’t always mean as much as you think it would.