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Month: March 2016

Rapid Hydrogen Peroxide release from the coral Stylophora pistillata during feeding and in response to chemical and physical stimuli : Scientific Reports

Neither I, nor our average aquarist, is really all that interested in the deep science going on in this article. Certainly it is fascinating to ponder and certainly research like this often yields helpful information for us in the hobby. I can't say I know what this finding means for us. One thing it does suggest to my mind concerns water changes. Though the study states that the levels of Hydr...
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Echinoderms in Aquaria… by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. – Reefkeeping.com

The below article is one I've referred to many times over the years. It highlights some common misconceptions about sea stars and really explains just why proper acclimation is so important for them. The video is on Asterina which are a common star fish found in aquaria that some people worry about but really shouldn't. The article is from Reefkeeping.com which is a great resource which is why I l...
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Bristle worms in your reef tank…so what?

Americans and I'm assuming most Europeans, have a natural dislike of worms. They're creepy, sometimes slimy, and they move in what seems an unnatural and distasteful way. I remember going fishing when I was a kid and putting the red earth worm on my hook. As soon as the sharp end of the hook would penetrate the worm's flesh it would wiggle vigorously and inevitably turn its head toward my hand as ...
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How to pick a clean up crew

Neon Orange Hermit Crab
One of the most frequently asked questions by new reef tank owners is, "what should should I get in my clean up crew and how many?" The clean up crew, commonly abbreviated CUC, is composed of several different types of animals, usually snails, hermit crabs, and other useful invertebrates. As the name suggests they are included in the reef tank to help clean up left over food and detritus. This art...
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Advanced Aquarist Online: Five New Freshwater Crabs

Gubernatoriana Thackerayi Red Crab
I'm a huge fan of crabs. Have been since I was a little boy. There are a great many species for both fresh and salt water. I find marine crabs to be much easier to keep as most of them are fully aquatic. Freshwater crabs tend to need mud and land as well as water. Still, I've kept many of them over the years successfully and enjoy the unique tank they require. Advanced Aquarist, and online magazin...
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